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The Fifth Week in March

We Read…

We always rejoice in God’s salvation, but especially during the Easter season! We look back and remember where the Lord has been faithful, just like we see in this week's Isaiah and Psalm passages. We remember and proclaim that God acted on our behalf and that God has been with us. We remember, proclaim, and look forward to how God is still working in our lives today! Paul’s resurrection message in 1 Corinthians shares the story of Jesus and how he has worked in Paul’s life; we are called to share the same story in the world around us. But sometimes, it can be challenging; we can be afraid to share what we’ve seen, just like the women in Mark 16. Do we think they stayed in that fear forever, though? We know about Jesus because the women heard the good news, worked through their initial fear, and told others that Jesus was alive!

Isaiah 25:6-9*

6 On this mountain,

     the LORD of heavenly forces

      will prepare for all peoples

      a rich feast, a feast of choice wines,

      of select foods rich in flavor,

      of choice wines well refined.

    7 He will swallow up on this mountain

     the veil that is veiling all peoples,

     the shroud enshrouding all nations.

    8 He will swallow up death forever.

    The LORD God will wipe tears

     from every face;

     he will remove his people’s disgrace

      from off the whole earth,

      for the LORD has spoken.

    9 They will say on that day,

     “Look! This is our God,”

     for whom we have waited—

     and he has saved us!

    This is the LORD,

     for whom we have waited;

     let’s be glad

      and rejoice in his salvation!”


Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

    1 Give thanks to the LORD

     because he is good,

     because his faithful love lasts forever.

    2 Let Israel say it:

     “God’s faithful love lasts forever!”


    14 The LORD was my strength