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Luke 4:22-30

I Bet You Think This Sermon’s About You. Don’t you.

Before reading any further, talk a look at this brief video. You’ve probably already seen it…

Virtual Reality Church -John Crist

The last line of this John Crist’s satire is beautiful! “How can I make Sunday morning even more about me‽”

This morning I woke up to a text message from a colleague at another church sharing his frustrations. One of his parishioners emailed him after church that he needs to step down from running the presentation because he doesn’t like the music. From here on out he will be arriving at the church after the music begins. The kicker? The church just recently hired a new music leader.

Isn’t this the most typical way we make church about us? The music? The glaringly obvious examples are like my friend; people threaten to leave because of music. But we’ve also made Sunday mornings about us in regards to music when different worship times have different music styles.

What about this great line: “I’m just not being fed…” We make Sunday mornings about