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Romans 5:1-11

Lesson Focus

We have peace with God because we have been granted continued access to God’s presence so that we might grow in grace.

Lesson Outcomes

Through this lesson, students should:

  1. Understand that God has granted us perpetual access to his presence.

  2. Understand that God loved us while we were weak and, in our sins, and that God will continue to love us as we seek to grow in grace.

  3. Be encouraged to boast (proclaim in word and deed) about the goodness and grace of God, which is helping us overcome our sinful weaknesses.

Catching up on the Story

In the first section of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Paul laid out the case for how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection have justified (made right) humanity with its creator. This justification comes about not by our initiative but through the grace of God, which is given to all. The grace given prompts us toward faith. Therefore, we are justified through God’s grace, which enables us to respond with faith.

Justification is a legal term that lacks any sense of a personal relationship. A judge who has the power to condemn or acquit has no significant association with the accused, in either affection or hostility. One commentator on the book of Romans says this: