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Proper 8

Call to Worship: Psalm 30 (Jeff Shrowder)

One: Blessed be God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit +

Many: And blessed be God's Kingdom now and forever. Amen.

One: Sing praises to the LORD,

and give thanks to God’s holy name

Many: for the LORD our God has healed us

when we cried for help

and restored us in times of deepest despair.

One: The LORD has turned our sorrow into dancing;

Many: taken our sackcloth from us,and clothed us with joy.

One: Sing to the LORD without end,

Many: and give thanks to the LORD forever. 

One: Eternal and ever present God,

Many: sustain and excite our gathered community;

arouse our expectancy;

subdue our expectations.

One: Come, silent Spirit, and embrace us.

Many: Let the words we see and hear and speak and sing

be transformed by the Word made flesh,