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Isaiah 61:1-11

Lesson Focus

Our king comes to restore the broken and the hopeless so that they might become strong messengers of righteousness who then go, in the power of the Spirit, to work in his name.


Learning Outcomes

Through this lesson, students should:

  1. Discover how Isaiah 61 message aligns with what Jesus came to do, digging into how both emphasize fixing and empowering folks who feel broken and lost.

  2. Begin to understand the "year of the Lord's favor" in Isaiah 61, and how it fits with the mess Israel had made for itself and what it might mean for us now.

  3. See the interconnectedness of divine empowerment and human responsibility, exploring the roles people play in effecting restoration and justice within their communities in alignment with God's intentions.

Catching up on the Story

Two weeks ago, we were invited