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Hosea 11:1-11

Lesson Focus:

God has loved and called us from the beginning. We failed to respond as we should, but instead of abandoning us, God seeks to continue to pursue us. Like a loving parent, God will not give up on us.

Lesson Outcomes:

Through this lesson students should:

  1. Understand that God loves us with the love of a parent.

  2. Understand that God must allow us to reap the consequences of our unfaithfulness, but…

  3. Understand that God will not give up on his children.

Catching up on the story:

Israel finds herself facing a crisis brought on by their desire to protect themselves from the oncoming Assyrian invasion. They have gone to war with Judah, which has greatly weakened them so that they will not be able to withstand the upcoming war. Israel begins to utter words of repentance. They are the right words at the right time but they are of little help because Israel has failed to live in faithfulness to the covenant.

God begins to wonder aloud what it is that he will do with Israel. It seems that God has tried every conceivable plan to help Israel be the people that he desires them to be but to no avail. As we jump from chapter six, which we studied last week, to chapter 11, this week’s passage, we find that Israel continues to be condemned for their behavior. Now they are seeking help and protection from other foreign powers instead of truly seeking God’s help. They have sown wickedness and will now reap injustice at the hands of the Assyrians. Soon Israel will be destroyed and they will no longer be the nation they once were. Now Hosea, as he has done throughout the book, offers words of hope amidst the words of doom and judgment.

The Text:

Hosea 11 can be split up into four individual segments. The first segment is comprised of verses 1-4 and deal with Israel’s history with God. The second part, verses 5-7, depict Israel’s present and immediate future. The third section, verses 8-9, speaks about God’s present refusal to give up on Israel. Finally, verses 10-11, speak of Israel’s distan