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Psalm 95

Lesson Focus If we worship yet fail to listen and be obedient, our worship becomes meaningless.

Lesson Outcomes

Through this lesson, students should:

  1. Answer the call to worship.

  2. Be encouraged to see the connection between worship and obedience.

  3. Be encouraged to listen and obey during their worship.

Catch Up on the Story Psalm 95 is what Old Testament scholars call an enthronement psalm. It is one of 8 such psalms, the others being Psalms 29, 93, 96-99 (Richter, 250). An enthronement psalm celebrates not the kings of Israel, such as David and Solomon, but the one true king of Israel, the Lord God.

It is also likely that this psalm was used routinely during one of Israel’s yearly religious festivals. As an enthronement psalm, this text calls Israel together to celebrate the goodness and glory of their divine King. For Israel and us, it is a call to worship. Psalm 95 celebrates God’s rule, not just over Israel but all of creation.

The Text Psalm 9