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Liturgics Team Leader

Brent D. Neely is an ordained Elder through the Church of the Nazarene and he currently serves as a Chaplain to the University of Kansas Health System. Along with these roles, he is also a Benedictine Monk in formation with the House of Initia Nova (an Anglican-Benedictine monastic community). Brent is married to his lovely wife, Annie, who is also an ordained Elder through the Church of the Nazarene. Originally from Northern Virginia, Brent and Annie reside in Kansas City. They also have a wonderful cat named Becket.

Brent holds a BA in Christian Ministry from Eastern Nazarene College, an MDiv from Nazarene Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a DMin from Nazarene Theological Seminary. His doctoral work focuses on the Wesleyan-Holiness need for a monastic movement. Brent also has a minor in Biblical Language and a certificate in Spiritual Formation.

Brent has led retreats educating adults and teens on the benefits of liturgical formation and has presented multiple papers at the Wesleyan Theological Society’s annual conference. He has frequently taught on the importance of the “iconography of the Pastor and the Church.”

Along with these educational endeavors, he has also enjoys spending time painting, writing poetry, and working on his home chapel. When not working on one of the above, Brent enjoys watching Survivor, binging Netflix shows, or praying the Daily Offices (yes, one of those is better than the others!).

Liturgics Team Leader
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