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The Way Through | A Free Lenten Resource

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We’re thrilled to offer you a resource for you and your churches this Lent. Last year we wrote the devotional “In the Wilds” and it was received so well we decided we’d do it again. Only this time, it’s different. This year we’re calling the Lenten Resource “The Way Through.” After Christ was baptized and before he started his public ministry he was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. The way for him to start his ministry was not around the wilderness, the way for him to fulfill the Father’s purposes was not avoiding the hard places. For Jesus to bring peace and mercy and justice and hope and life he needed to go through the wilderness. The Way was through the wild. As it was for Jesus so is it for us! A few notes about The Way Through. First, this resource was a work of great collaboration. This year we got the whole A Plain Account development team together and what came out of those meetings is truly wonderful. I told the team after we nailed down the resource, “This is a devotional I’d actually want to use!” And we believe you will too. Second, this resource is more than just a devotional. It has the expected daily scripture and reflection, but that is the foundation of the resource, not the totality of it. There are 5 components:

  1. Lectio Divina (Divine Reading): Daily Scripture Reflections based off the Daily Office

  2. Audio Divina (Divine Hearing): Spotify and YouTube playlists of songs tailored for Lenten reflection and meditation.

  3. Visio Divina: (Divine Seeing): Iconography and sacred art appropriate for each week.

  4. Camino Divina (Divine Walking): A weekly practice or habit you will be encouraged to engage.

  5. Examen: An end of the week opportunity to see where God has been as work.

What you’ll receive with The Way Through:

  1. A PDF in booklet form

  2. A printable PDF with embedded hyperlinks

  3. An EBook

  4. The Way Through graphic as a vector (your can change the graphic to fit your churches needs