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Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

Once again, we find ourselves in the season of Lent and once again this season is not “typical.” While we are beginning to see the COVID numbers around us going down, the scars and the wounds COVID has left behind are raw and open. Just this week, my congregation lost another beloved member to COVID. The wounds are fresh. In the midst of this rawness, this wilderness, we enter the season of Lent.

As I think about this passage and this time, I find such hope in the words penned. And not just hope, there is also this call to remember – remember who God is and who God has always been to God’s people – the faithful One, the One who can be trusted. This Psalm and this season challenge us to stop trying to do it on our own – because we can’t. We need the “shadow of the Almighty,” the nearness of God. This is what Lent calls us to. It calls us to remember, it calls us to lay down our agendas and our need to be in control and it calls us into this intimate space with God where we can rest in the safety and security of our God.

There is such rich imagery and beautiful metaphors at the beginning on Psalm 91. The author takes great time and intentionality to expressing who God is through these descriptive words– even though words fall short. As you read Psalm 91, it is easy to begin to develop some imagination of what this may look like, to put yourself in the “story,” the words written.

PSALM 91:1 – “He who dwells (lives, abides) in the shelter (secret place, hiding place) of the Most High…”

Dwell. What does it truly mean to dwell? One commentary describes the word dwell as “having one’s abode.” It is the idea of living with. What a beautiful description of living in communion, in “togetherness” with God. This Psalm points to the fact that we can, indeed, find our home, our place of comfort and safety in God. In this call to abide in the shelter of God I hear the echo of Jesus’ words to abide in Him (John 15:4).

The Psalmist continues – “I will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Again, we find this call to abide. Those who find their home in God, who dwell with Him, will find rest as they abide in His shadow, His safety and security. This is the best place we could ever place ourselves is in the shadow of the Almighty! As we draw near to God, as we dwell with God, relying on God, trusting that God will do what only God can do – God will meet us right where we are. In the shadow of the Almighty we find safety, security.

The Psalmist continues this thought in verse 2 — “I will