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Psalm 24

Two ideas for Sunday worship:

  1. Include one of these songs in your worship. The links are in the end notes:[i]

  2. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

  3. A video of Be Alright by Evan Craft, Danny Gokey and Redimi2.

  4. An antiphonal reading of the entire psalm. The text is below this commentary.

I am a professor. Welcome back to Canaanite Religion 101 Continued. You may remember the two Canaanite gods, Yam and Baal, from my Psalm 29 APA comments. Yam was the sea god. You may also recall that Yam was a chaotic “god of mighty waters.”[ii] It was Yam who controlled the destructive force of the rivers and seas which often killed the cattle and ruined the crops. Marvin Tate points out that Yam’s name literally means ‘sea.’ He was also called Nahar, which means ‘river.’

In the Canaanite Religion, Baal was viewed as the god of fertility and rain. His name means ‘lord’ or ‘owner.’ He was the thunder god. Yam and Baal went to war. Baal defeated Yam, which allowed Baal to control the waters of the earth. He did this in a positive way sending rain and dew for the benefit of the farmers.[iii]

Now let’s consider Psalm 24.

The structure of the psalm is very clear:

  1. 1 – 2 – The earth prepares for the King’s arrival.

  2. 3 – 6 – The earth’s people, its inhabitants, prepare for the King’s arrival.

  3. 7-10 – The King arrives.[iv]