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Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

I have an adult child who is non-binary. This means they do not wish to be confined to specific gender norms, but would prefer to be referred to using they/them pronouns. I am fully aware that even writing that sentence carries a weight and potentially divisive content. However, when I read Psalm 139, I cannot get away from the idea that God knows my child. That God loves my child. Even though the initial revelation was surprising to me, God already had this information available. Indeed, God created them, knit them together. Formed them and their identity in ways I could not understand or discern.


If, as we believe, God has orchestrated the wonder of humanity and the rest of creation, it seems somewhat limiting to reduce God’s creativity to black and white divisions, when in their majesty and immensity, they have made so many variances that are exquisitely beautiful. Indeed, these verses remind me of the uniqueness of each of us, the ways in which we have been put together to reflect a portion of the Creator God’s image to the rest of the world.


For a recent birthday, I reimagined verses 13-16 of this Psalm as a reminder of God’s work in the life of my child:

You created me.

You molded & shaped & crafted

my pieces & parts

You infused me with your goodness

with kindness and strength.

I praise you for making me in this way,

for you only make good people

created in your image

built with love

forged in the furnaces of the ultimate Maker.

As you watch me

grow to who you have set me free to be

launched from the womb of my parent,

I can feel your knowing smile

wash over my spir