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Mark 1:29-39

Jesus Heals, We Serve

In just ten verses, Mark’s Jesus challenges us in two distinct ways, which remain ever relevant. First, Jesus establishes a connection between our healing and service in the Kingdom of God. Second, Jesus retains his laser-like focus on the mission of God. This week’s passage takes place in three distinct scenes.

Scene #1: Jesus Heals, We Serve

Scene one is the home of Simon’s mother-in-law. Jesus and his entourage enter the house, and we are immediately told that Simon’s mother-in-law is in bed with a fever. Unlike today, a simple fever could become life-threatening quickly, so Simon is concerned for his mother-in-law. Simon might have mentioned his mother-in-law’s sickness either as a precautionary measure or as a veiled request for Jesus to do something about the situation.

Whatever the reason may have been, Jesus acts immediately and decisively to rectify the situation. Jesus took the sick woman by the hand and lifted her up. Immediately, the fever left her! No words were spoken; no spell was cast; Jesus’ touch was enough to make her instantaneously well. After Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law, she immediately gets up and begins to serve Jesus and his companions. There is no trace of the fever or the malady that might have caused it.

The word that Mark uses here for “serve” comes from the word diakonos. In Mark, and the larger Christian tradition, this word, from which we get Deacon, is associated with Christian ministry. Simon’s mother-in-law is healed and immediately sets about serving Jesus and his companions in response to her healing. In many ways, this should be a model for us as we experience Jesus’ healing in our lives. As we are healed, our response should be to rise and engage in Christian ministry!

Scene #2: Success! <