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Luke 3:15-22

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Download PDF • 804KB

Lesson Focus: We are called to live into our baptism by sharing in Jesus’ mission to bring healing and salvation to our broken world.

Lesson Outcomes: Through this lesson, students should:

  1. Recognize that in Jesus’ baptism, he is confirmed as God’s Son who is to embark on God’s mission of redemption and salvation for the world.

  2. Recognize that as Jesus has been sent through his baptism, we have been sent through ours.

  3. Seek to live into their baptism by finding ways to practically participate in Jesus’ mission of redemption and salvation for the world.

Catch up on the Story John was the last of many prophets who proclaimed God’s message to Israel prior to Jesus. For a long time, no prophets have spoken to Israel. John’s dress and behavior indicated to those who heard and saw him hi