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Luke 13:1-9


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Luke 13:1-9 –Turn or Burn!

Lesson Focus:

Being prepared for Good Friday and Easter Sunday means repenting: turning from sin and turning toward bearing good fruit.

Lesson Outcomes:

Through this lesson students should:

Understand that bad things happen to people because there are bad things in this world.

Understand that the best way to be prepared for the coming of God’s Kingdom is to repent, turning from sin and toward the production of good fruit.

Be encouraged to take up a few practices this Lent to help them produce good fruit.

Catching up on the story:

Jesus has been moving around the countryside teaching and preaching. The intended audience of Jesus’ teaching is the disciples. The crowds, who seem to be ever present in Luke’s Gospel, benefit as well.

Previously, Jesus had been invited to a banquet thrown by a Pharisee. Jesus comes in, takes his place at the table without first washing. The Pharisees question him as to why he has not followed the proscribed purity laws. In response, Jesus offers a critique of the Pharisees and their inability to see who he really is and what he has come to do. After this episode, the Pharisees are really out to get Jesus. Then, Jesus moves on and begins to teach the crowds that have gathered. He does this by telling a series of stories that have to do with being prepared for what is ahead. The general notion is that those who are hearing Jesus know how to look for signs of an event like the coming of the rains. They are then able to prepare for when the rains come. Likewise, they should be able