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Lent Meditation Guide

We’re excited to offer a Lenten Meditation for personal use or for your church’s corporate reflection. We pray this guide will allow you and your church to lean into lent and Christ’s Crucifixion.

This lenten devotion may be a little bit different than others you’ve utilized. This is not so much of a devotional as it is a guide for meditation and contemplation. The purpose of this guide is not deeper Biblical knowledge. As valuable as that is, this guide is about a deeper connection with the Word of God and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

This meditation follows the final words of Christ from the cross. The four gospels account for the final moments of Christ’s life and give us seven phrases, or Words, he speaks. Each day will focus on one particular Word. This lent, spend time focusing on Christ’s crucifixion and death. For it is only in appreciating his death that we can fully appreciate his life.

The way this guide works is that each week during lent you start over. Every Wednesday meditate on the First Word. Every Thursday meditate on the Second Word. etc. As the season of Lent is 40 days plus Sundays, there are, roughly, seven weeks during Lent. You should reflect on each meditation 7 times during lent (minus the final three days). The meditation starts on Wednesday because Lent starts on Ash Wednesday.

Spend time in silence and reflection this Lent. Be not quick to speak but quick to listen. Be not easily distracted but focused. Take on this spiritual practice with earnest devotion.