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John 12:1-8


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John 12:1-8 –The Anointing

Lesson Focus:

Our response to all that Jesus has already done for us should be the offering up of our greatest treasures to him in worship.

Lesson Outcomes:

Through this lesson students should:

Understand that Mary’s anointing of Jesus is an extravagant act of worship.

Be encouraged to offer a similar act of extravagant worship.

Catching up on the story:

Jesus has made quite the stir. The religious leadership are not fond of him at all. In fact, on several occasions they have tried to arrest him but with no success. The reason that the religious leadership are so upset with Jesus is because he, among other things, has claimed to be God. Of course, this is in fact true, and it is one of the things that John, the author of this gospel, is most concerned about.

Not only is Jesus proclaiming with words his divine sonship, but he is producing signs that point to his ultimate mastery over death. The narrative that takes place just before our passage for today is entirely concerned with Jesus’ ability to defeat death. Jesus’ friend Lazarus is ill and his friends and family would like Jesus to come and heal him. Not being in a hurry, Jesus lingers where he is for a few days. He’ll say, a little later, that his tardiness is so that his disciples will see and believe. Before Jesus actually raises Lazarus from the dead, he proclaims,