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Exodus 20:1-21 Part 2

Lesson Focus: God gives us laws as a way to help us live in faithful relationship with him and with others.  All too often we fail to fulfill these commands.

Lesson Outcomes: Through this lesson students should:

  1. Understand that the nature of these commands are relational and not legalistic.

  2. Identify how these laws are applicable to us in our current context.

  3. Confess their failure to keep these commandments and subsequently seeking forgiveness and strength to remain faithful.

Catch up on the story: Last week we examined the first four of the Ten Commandments.  Before we began, we noted that the commands given here in this passage are relational commands.  That is, they are grounded, not in a sense of duty or obligation, but in the context of God’s historical relationship with Israel.  At the outset, God gives these laws because he is “the God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.” Israel is called to follow the law, not to gain status as God’s people; they are already that by virtue of their exodus from Egypt.  They are called to follow the law so that they might grow and flourish as the kind of people God intends them to be.  

Those first four commands have more to do with Israel’s relationship with God than with Israel’s relationship with one ano