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Matthew 25:14-30

Lesson Focus

Much is required of those who have been given things of great value.

Lesson Outcomes Through this lesson, students should:

  1. Understand that we are entrusted with valuable resources and are expected to actively utilize and multiply them.

  2. Should actively work and invest the spiritual gifts and blessings they’ve received from God to produce a significant impact for God’s kingdom, rather than passively preserving them or using them only for personal salvation.

  3. Be challenged to move beyond simply avoiding harm and aim to actively do good and make a positive difference with the gifts and resources we have.

Catching up on the Story

After Jesus pronounces woes and judgment on the Jewish religious leadership, the disciples ask him what the sign will be that will indicate his return and the coming of the end of the age. Jesus responds with a series of warnings and parables about what it means for those who believe to be prepared for Christ's second coming. The first parable was about a faithful slave who worked hard to prepare for his master's return, even when he did not return immediately. The other slave failed to continue to look after the house's affairs when it became apparent that the master would not soon return. The unfaithful slave will be tossed out when the master returns.