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Disc. Luke 9:37-47


Leader Guide

Participant Guide

9:37-47 –Demons and Greatness

Lesson Focus:

We are like the disciples who are not yet ready to fully understand the Kingdom of God. We need to continually journey with Christ toward the cross so that we might have our eyes opened to the way of the Kingdom.

Lesson Outcomes:

Through this lesson students should:

Understand that the disciples are a work in progress.

Understand that the Kingdom that Jesus brings is upside down.

Seek to engage in practices that will help them begin to understand the upside down nature of the Kingdom of God.

Catching up on the story:

Luke’s narrative is picking up steam. Not only is Jesus doing amazing things throughout the countryside, so are his disciples. They have been dispatched throughout the countryside to bear witness to Jesus’ coming Kingdom. They have taken nothing with them, no bag, money or food. In total dependence and reliance upon divine provision, they have had their needs met and they have met the needs of others. The Good News is proclaimed; diseases are cured.

Meanwhile Herod (not the same one that tried to have Jesus killed as a baby) is perplexed at this man and his followers who are making so much news. He even seeks to catch a glimpse of Jesus, as he had with John the Baptist. Herod, it appears, is unsuccessful. He will have to be content with watching from a distance as Jesus begins to establish his true and rightful Kingdom right smack dab in the middle of his kingdom. Jesus’ next act, feeding the five thousand, must have terrified